Over the years we have had the priviledge of working with many great people. It means a lot to us as Physical Therapists to be able to help people heal and return to their normal pain-free lives. Here are some comments from previous patients with whom we enjoyed working. If you are in need, we hope for the opportunity to assist you as well so you can add to the comments below!

''Ben is a highly professional, friendly, and respectful physical therapist who did a great job in treating a shoulder injury that my doctor couldn't even diagnose. He has a deep understanding of human physiology and uses it skilfully to assist in his clients' speedy and productive recoveries."

-Ethan S.

"Ben makes it fun to get stronger and healthier. He has an engaging way of helping you understand how your body works and how it can get stuck in bad movement patterns. He's also an athlete himself, so he knows that "taking it easy" is not a satisfying recommendation for a patient. I wish I'd found him much earlier!"

-Carson M.

"Ben Engelhart was the best physical therapist I have ever gone to. I went to Ben every time I was going on a long trip abroad and my body parts had started failing.  In a few weeks he always had me in top shape for my trips with no drugs or injections or steroids needed.  I am heartbroken he has left NYC."                -Sara P.

"Ben Engelhart was my physical therapist after rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. He was friendly and calm, explaining how to do the exercises clearly, and was encouraging, not confrontational like other therapists I've worked with. I knew how to do the exercises, making it easier to stick to the regimen.

Ben's hands-on work was another part of my recovery, I improved after each session. He was also sensitive to pain I had that was unrelated to the surgery. Ben is a people person, always cheerful and easy to talk to about the therapy. In my follow-up with the surgeon, the doctor was so surprised at my early range-of-motion and strength, that he asked who my therapist had been. New York's loss is Houston's gain."

-Belen N.

"Ben is the best physical therapist I've had. As an athlete himself heunderstood my goals with rehab were to do much more than just recover - Iwanted to be able to return to my athletic lifestyle. Thanks to Ben, myankle healed and I was able to live without worrying about it."-Ben  C.

"Ben was my physical therapist who helped me recover from a bad bulging disc in my lower back. Ben worked around my schedule and showed great patience, attention, and guidance throughout my recovery process. Additionally, I recommended a friend to Ben who had a similar experience. Highly recommend!"

-JD R.

"I was very active before I injured my knee - playing on basketball and baseball teams - and I was worried when I injured my knee that it would be a very long road to recovery. I came to Ben still on crutches, and within a couple of weeks I was walking on my own. As I progressed to full strength in just a few months, Ben's determination and care kept me engaged and determined to recover. Also, he was constantly mixing up the exercises and stretches so I was always challenged and pushed to the next level. More importantly, Ben taught me about my injury and recovery all along the way, so I was able to learn how it happened, how to prevent it in the future, and what exercises to do if it gets sore.''

-Andrew S.