Houston VIPT believes that the human body is an amazing machine that, if taken care of, should not fail. Occasionally however we have injuries. Houston VIPT's goal is not only to treat symptoms of an injury, but to delve deeper into assessing the body as a whole to understand why the injury occurred and what can be done to avoid future recurrence.


Houston VIPT utilizes manual therapy including therapeutic massage and advanced techniques, including dry needling to eliminate acute injury symptoms. Our goal is to get rid of your pain quickly!

Houston VIPT will help you understand your condition. That is, what muscles weakness or movement restriction caused the injury to occur and what you can do to manage the issue and prevent it from happening again!

Now that you understand your injury, the next step is to include therapeutic exercises to help eliminate any remaining pain as well as increase strength in weaker muscles and improve your overall movement patterns. 


The last piece of the puzzle is maintaining your health. That means prescribing exercises for strengthening, stretching and health to allow you keep doing the things you love to do, without pain!