Frequenty Asked Questions about Houston VIPT


If you have any further questions after looking through this page, please contact us via email ( or phone (301-704-0304). Yes, text messages work too!

One of our goals is to make things as clear and straightforward for our customers so there are no suprises. Just another part of treating you like a VIP!

Where are you located?

We come to you. Houston VIPT offers treatment sessions where-ever is convenient for you: Home, office, gym etc... We do not currently have a physical clinic location.

Do I need to do anything before my first session?


We will provide you with a few forms to fill out before beginning treatment. We can send them ahead of time so you can have them ready, or we will bring them to your first session. Also, due to Texas laws, you will need a prescription for Physical therapy from your medical doctor.

What should I wear? 


Loose fitting clothing is the best so that we can get to a particular joint or muscle that requires treatment.

Do you take Insurance?


Houston VIPT will work with most major insurance companies. Due to the unique nature of our concierge service, we are not in-network with any insurances, however Houston VIPT will provide you with the correct insurance forms and a receipt of PT services which you can easily submit for re-imbursement. 

Why not just go to a regular PT place?


Houston VIPT is not for everyone. The major values that we provide are: coming to you, one on one treatment and skilled PT for quick results. We have seen too many high volume clinics where patients' interaction with the PT is minimal and most of the session is with technicians doing exercises wrong. We believe in offering superior treatment at reasonable rates. If you care about your health and maintaining the things you love to do, we are convinced you will see the great value in our services. Call us to set up your FREE evaluation! 

Phone: 301-704-0304.


Our Guarantee


It's simple, if PT is not helping, we do not want you to pay. If, after 2 weeks of 2 or more sessions per week, there are no objective improvements and you feel that you have not improved, we will refund your money.